Anything can happen Tuesday- My Directorial debut!

from puppets to people- we’re getting serious about a new direction here!

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Yes, I am doing more than directing traffic or kids in the dinner queue!  One of the things I’ve had at the back of my mind for a while is producing/directing short films, live action rather than just me or my nephews and puppets.

Confusions is a series of one-act plays and I’m directing Drinking Companions, an interesting if somewhat dialogue-heavy scene set in a bar. While quite static, the challenge has been to make it engaging and interesting, which the actors are bringing life to. So I’m glad the opportunity.  Next week will be the conclusion and I am eager to see how it all turns out.

It got me musing on what else can count- directing myself and the hiking Vlogs/diaries maybe? Tiglet’s shenanigans and Dr. RRr has made me a puppet-master (ish) but directing people is a great step forward. Then that got me thinking I have…

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7th Blogversary

7th blogversary! time for a Jaffa cake to celebrate!

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anniversary-2x7th blogversary

I know it’s a few days late, but that’s life at the moment, things not getting done and it seems to take FOREVER to get stuff updated. I am finally catching up on pictures for Tigletverse Facebook page, videos updated- no chance! I have submitted eight short stories this month, the most at one time, and yes, there’s been a rejection already, ah well, Ce la vie!


In amidst the entire editing/tidying/sorting/recycling etc I have started painting/modelling again- a Dalek for Infinite Whoniverses- The OmniStrategist and a Snowspeeder kit, which I’ve broke the engine off, so need glue to fix it. Gotten into Game of Thrones series 7, and Stranger Things series 1, and the soundtrack rocks, well, it’s Synthwave, so ish!

Anyway, there’s a bit of an update, still plodding along. My new academic diary from Sept17 to july18 says ‘plan the work and work the…

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IW- Independence of the Teenage Dirtbag StormSlayers


It’s here at last!! What should’ve been posted on the 4th of July is just over a month late- apologies, much has happened, but here it is, the Prelude to Series 5- INDEPENDENCE OF THE TEENAGE DIRTBAG STORMSLAYERS!

The adventures of the Female Doctor (FemDr) and Elise the Vampire Slayer was not something I had planned to continue after the Easter Special, but I’d had an idea of a Doctor, probably the NeoDoctor visiting a reality-show type with his adventures as Legends/stories and it sort-of grew from there.

I also didn’t have anyone in mind for the roles, but Lexi and Savina kindly agreed. It’s funny actually, because the pictures I used for the cover was part of a photoshoot where Gabby posed for the Last of the Timeladies cover with me, which Anthony K then rejigged for last years epic meeting of NeoDoctor and Timelady Dr. So it’s nice to have them there. And with Jodie W as the mainstream Doctor, looks like the future IS all-girl! Okay, last years Series 4 Finale did Regenerate a Male doctor to a Female Doctor and I might have someone for the covers in Series 5, but there are some spectacular reasons why Jodie is such a brilliant choice. BUT I won’t get into that, I think that should be tomorrows blog!

In the meantime- Here’s The Doctor and Elise taking on the might of the Doctorian Empire- enjoy!


And at the End of August, there will be the debut of SERIES 5 At last!


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Jodie W will rock the Whoniverses as the First Female Doctor!

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The New Doctor’s got ‘The Look”!

“My Successor? It could even be a Woman. There’s no reason why The Doctor should always be a Man”

Tom Baker on his ‘retirement’ from the role of Doctor Who.

(Quoted from Regeneration- The Mystery of Ages. The Time Travellers Guide by Peter Haining. 1987. (1995 edition))

15th doctor JW

So I have finally posted the video I made shortly after the announcement of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the new Doctor.

I didn’t want to get into the whole argument of whether it’s a good move, but you know it is really, so just accept it.

Anyway, Regeneration 101 will go into the whole mechanics of how a sex-change Regeneration works, and there has been precedent, not just over the last couple of years but in the classic series too. Tom Baker himself said why not, and there’s even been a XenoRegeneration (Species-change) I’m also going…

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 5 things to look forward to in game-of-thrones 7

GoTh is back- but I’ve been way behind in blogposts and videos lately, so there won’t be a dvd review of series 6, or a ’12 jaw-dropping moments’-style write up, though a few might make it into this ramble.

Anyway, Tiglet joined the Night Watch and came up with Five Reasons he’s excited about it as well-



Will The Hound meet Arya Stark again?

He came back in style last season and looks like he’s joining with Thoros and Dondarrion. Now Arya’s avenged the Red Wedding (another jaw-dropper!) So will they meet up again, now she’s working on her To-Kill-list?



Queen Cersei cracking down?

She wiped out The High Sparrow and probably most of his Religious order, but there’s probably a few more scattered about. She’s made so many enemies though, will House Lannister stand alone?


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where on earth and beyond are we going?

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STAR WARS REBELS and the Snaggletooth Quest

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4th alwaysMay The 25th be with you! Belatedly of course. Seems the 40th Anniversary of the release of Episode 4 a New Hope slipped through my fingers like Star Systems through Governor Tarkin’s, as Leia said it would!

Anyway, Rebels series 3 has just finished, following Ezra Bridger and the rag-tag crew of the Ghost, a Millennium Falcon-type ship that seems to be part setting up ANH and the New Trilogy and part product-placement for Disney toys.

So after the climatic finale Zero Hour I watched Rogue One and A New Hope back-to-back, which was a great watch, though the ending of R1 was a bit abrupt, but tied in well to the start of ANH.

I’m playing the first Star Wars Battlefront game on the ps2 again, so I may have to blog that at some point!

I also went to Warrington Market Comic Con at the weekend, which…

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Darci Farmer on America’s got talent

Just saw this on FB, had to share- That’s the way puppeteering is done!


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Attack on Titan, Series 2- Episode 7- SMACKDOWN!

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Awesome episode of AOT Tonight. Since I read all the spoilers on Wikipedia (Manga, not Anime) I’ve known it was coming for a while, but the epic reveal and (literal) clash of the Titans as Eren takes on the Colossal and Armoured is stunningly shocking.

I won’t say anything else- but gee, what an epic battle- but what’s happening with The Beast while all this is going on???the_trainees_offer_up_their_hearts_to_mankind

So, all four Human-Titans are out of the closet.  Next there is a death of a major character- but you didn’t hear that from me!

How’s it gonna end, that’s what I don’t know yet, but am looking forward to finding out- I’m just going to steer clear of spoilers from now on!

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Anything can happen on a 360 shoot!

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050Since Liverpool Comic Con, I have been trying to come up with a plan, a way of doing things differently than just going round taking random pictures and trying to edit everything into a semi-coherent video. In the end, I ended up with seven videos- The general walk around/’event’ vid, the Rwby shoot, the Star Wars shoot, My Superclark shoot, two versions of the Doctor Who shoot and three versions of the Cosplay Masquerade, plus Louise Brealey from Sherlock.

While moderately satisfied with the results, I did feel I needed to do something a bit different. I then remembered a guy at Ellesmere Port CC who shot a 360 degree video, which is like a composite of shots- I still don’t really understand how it works, but it got me thinking how could I achieve something similar?

Anime League and Rainbowdrop Cosplay organised another Big Geek Meet in Liverpool, which…

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