IW- Independence of the Teenage Dirtbag StormSlayers


It’s here at last!! What should’ve been posted on the 4th of July is just over a month late- apologies, much has happened, but here it is, the Prelude to Series 5- INDEPENDENCE OF THE TEENAGE DIRTBAG STORMSLAYERS!

The adventures of the Female Doctor (FemDr) and Elise the Vampire Slayer was not something I had planned to continue after the Easter Special, but I’d had an idea of a Doctor, probably the NeoDoctor visiting a reality-show type with his adventures as Legends/stories and it sort-of grew from there.

I also didn’t have anyone in mind for the roles, but Lexi and Savina kindly agreed. It’s funny actually, because the pictures I used for the cover was part of a photoshoot where Gabby posed for the Last of the Timeladies cover with me, which Anthony K then rejigged for last years epic meeting of NeoDoctor and Timelady Dr. So it’s nice to have them there. And with Jodie W as the mainstream Doctor, looks like the future IS all-girl! Okay, last years Series 4 Finale did Regenerate a Male doctor to a Female Doctor and I might have someone for the covers in Series 5, but there are some spectacular reasons why Jodie is such a brilliant choice. BUT I won’t get into that, I think that should be tomorrows blog!

In the meantime- Here’s The Doctor and Elise taking on the might of the Doctorian Empire- enjoy!


And at the End of August, there will be the debut of SERIES 5 At last!



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